Hello everybody!

My name is Irina, I live in Moscow, Russia. My life has dramatically changed two years ago, when a little miracle happened, and our family of two people became the family of three :). The idea of becoming a handmade artist was always my biggest dream, but before that I never had enough time just to study how to turn the ideas from my imagination into real life.

Finally, my dream has come true! Today I am making these little fluffy cuties that people use to call teddies. All of my little ones are made with great love and passion, and I believe they could bring warm and positive atmosphere to any house, making your mood a little bit brighter with their soft and gentle touch. All of them have their own personality, but at the same time all of them are alike in their wish to share their love and soft feelings with every person who needs it.

If you have any questions or just want to share your oppinion, you can contact me via e-mail: esmi07@list.ru. I am looking forward to having a message from you!